Creative Army

Creative army is an online platform helping entrepreneurs design their startup businesses by connecting them to an Army of designers in colleges.


Founder + AV


SAAS + Designin


6 months

Practice Area

How to serve the Arabic market by designing a contests platform.

To develop an online graphic design platform and marketplace, to facilitate businesses and designers in finding and completing design projects through contest mode similar to but serving the Arabic world.

Name Insights

By having “Creative,” we are more focused on the creative industry. By having “Army” we want to reflect that you as a client will have an army of creative people ready to serve you, and you as a student will be engaged with other students, and you can create your team as your army. Also, you, as a student, will be ranked on the platform as per your engagement and rewards.

Customer Segment

We are mainly targeting three primary customer segments. It provides services to **designers** – primarily graphic design students – that wish to find jobs and interact with clients to improve their skills and develop their portfolios. At the same time, they study, **companies** that are looking for relatively low-cost, and fast design solutions, and **agencies** that seek to outsource design work.

Value Proposition

For designers:

– Real opportunities to engage with actual job orders to increase ability and experience to be ready to enter the design market directly when graduated.
– Building a profile (CV) that has strong showcases.
– Make money and benefit from the awards given by contest holders.

For Individuals & Companies:

– Achieving their goals by having fast and low-cost designs.
– Improving the students by having their design work as CSR activity.

For Agencies:

– Outsource design work to increase efficiency.
– Provide VIP services for Individuals & Companies to get better results.


We will relaunch the platform with new business model.

Client Testimony