BeUnique VP redefine

From the house of Arabian brands to the best perfumes store in the region.





1 Year

Practice Area

Prototyping through several experiments to come up with winner value proposition.

The Challenge is an e-commerce store established at the beginning of 2016 with a purpose to serve the Arabian brands to have a window to sell through the internet. by the end of 2016, BU has achieved a good level of success but not very rewarding.

The main challenge was that BU does not have clear and strong “Value Proposition” that make it grow in a fast way.

So AV took the challenge to find the right VP for BU to grow in a fast way.

The Outcome

Within several experiments, we figured the following:

Experiment 1: After we did some interviews we came with a hypothesis: BU should go from an eCommerce store that is selling products, to a lifestyle website that sells experience like hiking & diving.

Client Testimony