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An online marketplace where transportation service providers and private truck owners may sign up to use their trucks (to guarantee the trucks can carry deliveries to another town and quickly find a new delivery in the destination area).

Shippers can also find trucks depending on their requests, determine the shipping rate, and live to monitor their delivery. Shippers and couriers will rate each other, so depending on that score, they will approve deliveries.


– Shipper searching for a service provider or a broker that will provide a fair price
– Inefficient courier truck utilization
– Shipments thefts
– Ques market


– The “Return Shipment” for when the receivers want to send part of the shipments back to the shippers.
– Online payments using credit cards is not an option with shippers now since their companies do not have that system.
– Stakeholders prefer hard copies of the paperwork to soft copies so they can use FastCircle without needing new systems internally.
– Fleet control service could be added as an additional service for couriers even if the shipper is not from FastCircle.


– Couriers willing to use and pay FastCircle for better fleet utilization.
– Shippers find difficulties in swapping their couriers

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