Did You Know ?

Every business model is under threat! Look at: Uber Vs. Taxi airBNB Vs. Hotels Facebook Vs. Media

Governments are spending hundred of millions on digital transformation projects that end up not being able to deliver services.

85% of startups fail because of lacking market and customer understanding (not because they don't have good digital apps)

What Can I do
About That?

might have

White collar consultants and delivered reports that are only collecting dust…

Digital marketing agencies that spiked your numbers briefly before completely dying out…

App developers that delivered a product that does not generate user traction…

[ BTW everyone is doing that ... just following the rules ]

Let's Break The Rules!

What is Agile Ventures

We are a Digital Venture Studio focused on developing game-changing businesses through
two different approaches:

Digital Venture as a Service

For corporates that need an innovation partner.

(Service Fee Applicable)


For entrepreneurs that want to take their ideas to market.

(Equity-Fee Applicable)

Our Pirate Approach

We transfer any challenge to a digital product
through 6 phases in 12 weeks.

1 Explore
2 Disrupt
3 Rapid Prototyping
4 Define Experience & Interface
5 Develop Minimum Lovable Product
6 Growth Hacking


Understand the vision, and uncover market-user insights


2 - 3 weeks


  • Define what success looks like by listening and learning about your business to understand your hopes, fears, and vision for this project, and develop clarity on your "Why".
  • Conduct lean market research to understand the current marketspace and winning business models, and what makes them winning.
  • Conduct lean user research to understand who are current the customers in this market, and develop a behavioral understanding of why they buy or don't buy.


  • Identify the project team to identify who is responsible for each part of the project task.
  • Draft vision and principles that will define what success looks like and how we will know if we have achieved it
  • Develop lean market profile that identifies the nature of the competition in the current marketspace and winning business models, and why they are winning.

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