Did You Know ?

Every business model is under threat! Look at: Uber Vs. Taxi airBNB Vs. Hotels Facebook Vs. Media

Governments are spending hundred of millions on digital transformation projects that end up not being able to deliver services.

85% of startups fail because of lacking market and customer understanding (not because they don't have good digital apps)

What Can I do
About That?

might have

White collar consultants and delivered reports that are only collecting dust…

Digital marketing agencies that spiked your numbers briefly before completely dying out…

App developers that delivered a product that does not generate user traction…

[ BTW everyone is doing that ... just following the rules ]

Let's Break The Rules!

The best way to

compete in the future is to

What is Agile Ventures

We are a Digital Venture Studio focused on developing game-changing businesses through
two different approaches:

Digital Venture as a Service

For corporates that need an innovation partner.

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For entrepreneurs that want to take their ideas to market.

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Our Services

Our skill-set is based on the 21st century market needs


A process used at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is Design Thinking on steroids. Accomplishing in 5 days what normally takes months. It is a structured brainstorming approach that begins with complex situations and ends with a de-risked user-centered prototype. It is used by cutting-edge companies such as Google, Slack, Uber, etc.


Spending tens of thousands on social media marketing without unsustainable results? Growth Hacking is about developing and executing on the most efficient and effective growth strategy. We do that through continuous experimentation, and double-down on the actions that get the best results. We are the first to offer Growth Hacking as a service in the GCC.

Lean User

To develop a disruptive business you must understand your market and the users in your market. What are the customer-jobs-to-be-done? What are their habits? What's their environment? What are the forces impacting their decisions? Only then can you start developing a sound value-proposition and delivery model and channel that matches their persona.


Not every digital business is disruptive, there is a framework and strategy to it. The ones that are disruptive are better in every respect; Faster, Better, Cheaper. It comes down to building a different and leaner business model than the dominant market players. Develop a strategic roadmap that large players find difficult to defeat.


After validating ideas and hypothesis of your startup, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP). Only then do we turn them into User Stories that developers can start working on. We have experts in AI, Cloud Computing, UX & UI, and Blockchain, etc, working on our team.


To develop digital platforms you need a product manager who can balance the software, business, and user requirements and make sure that the product is on track. To do that, we have a framework that quantifies product and business features, so that you know what to focus on to develop next, and that one after that.

Our Credentials

Although we'd like to think that you evaluate us on our actual results, we have been trained by the very best in their respective fields.

Our Numbers

We've been through the experience of developing future-based businesses so many times so that we can bring that experience and learning to you.


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Design Sprints

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